Q: What is the power consumption of the Bluetooth adapter?

A: Unconnected status: 2mW, Connected status: 30mW. The Bluetooth device has very low power consumption which is less than the self-discharge power of the battery. A 36V 10Ah battery can support this Bluetooth adapter working under unconnected status for more than 3 years.


Q: What will happen if a phone call comes in when using this app for riding?

A: The APP will be forced to run in the background by the mobile-phone operating system, the user cannot operate this APP anymore. But the Bluetooth is still connected, and the e-bike power on/off is unchanged.


Q: Will the e-bike battery run off if I forgot to quit this APP?

A: The APP will automatically shut off the controller’s power after 10 minutes no operation, speed, and power. Then the screen of mobile-phone will shut off in a few minutes.


Q: Why I cannot find the Bluetooth device while the battery is power-on?

A: The most possible reason is that another mobile phone is already connected and paired with this Bluetooth device. It must be disconnected first before you can find it. Or you can turn off the battery power for more than one minute and try to search again.


Q: What should I do if I forget the Bluetooth device password?

A: Please write an email to forerider@lsdzs.com and tell us your device name. We will check your information and send back the password to you.